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Blog Tour Reviews: How to Date an Alien AND How to Break Up with an Alien by Magan Vernon Plus Giveaway

Double Reviews= Double the Fun!

How to Date an Alien (My Alien Romance #1) 
by Magan Vernon
Published: November 28th 2011 
Publisher: Calta Press
Kindle Edition, 234 pages

High school senior Alex Bianchi's estranged father gets her an internship at Circe Operations Center to pad her college applications. 

But Circe isn't your typical military base. 

It's an alien-run operation center and not all of the aliens are friendly, especially the one that tries to kill Alex on her first day. When Ace, a dark-eyed Caltian, enters and saves the day, she can't help but be drawn to him. Can these star-crossed lovers survive when they're on the brink of intergalactic war?

4 Stars!

(Mini) Review: 
While the rest of the world of teens is stuck on vampires and werewolves, I'm stuck on aliens. This book was definitely interesting! I don't know whether it was because I'm new to the whole alien scene or because of the plot or something else. Most likely a mix of both! :)

Ahhh I was rooting for Alex and Ace! I really found Ace's species and home planet intriguing, hopefully in the second book it'll talk more about it! I love how Alex was rational about things, but was impulsive at the right times. At times the novel got a little slow, but not for long. There was always crazy things happening in the book sooner rather than later. 

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How to Break Up with an Alien (My Alien Romance #2)
by Magan Vernon
Published: May 15th 2012
Publisher: Calta Press
Paperback, 272 Pages

Face it, long distance relationships in high school are hard, especially when the other one in the relationship is an alien.

Alex Bianchi may have survived an intergalactic battle, but that still doesn’t excuse her from her senior year of high school, or qualify her for any sort of scholarship. To make up for college tuition costs, she takes a job at a local coffee shop. 

If only coffee could solve all of her problems. As Alex’s senior year progresses, everything changes and she can’t figure out if it is interstellar or if it is just time to break up with an alien.--Goodreads
3 Stars

(Mini) Review:
I like this book, but not as much as I liked the first novel.

At times I found Alex and Ace to be very annoying. Alex also became a tad bit clingy. What was really annoying was the fact that Alex wasn't really standing up for herself! In the first novel she stood up for herself sometimes, but not in the second book it seems like she is going backwards on standing up for herself. 

Although I have some issues with the characters, I still liked the plot, and the alien and human dynamic.

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  1. I've only read How to Date an Alien, but it was good! Can't wait to read the sequel :) and I love the new covers for these! They're so pretty!

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction


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