Saturday, August 25, 2012

Must-Have Bookish Goodies

Obviously we are all book fanatics, but what's almost as cool as books? Bookish goodies!

In this post I'm going to show y'all some of my favorite bookish things from For those of you who haven't heard of Etsy, it is basically an online store where people make things and post them on there for sale. You can find tons of really cool products on Etsy, where you can't find elsewhere.

Hunger Games Mocking Jay Brooch/Pin:

OMG! Is this awesome or what? If you loved the Hunger Games book(s) or movie like I did, then this is perfect. Plus this item happens to be on sale for 77cents! Yeah you heard me, cents man cents! Click HERE for the Etsy Store. Roxanne from DollarJewelry is the Esty store owner and creator of this amazing pin.

HP Deathly Hallows Necklace:
Any HP fans out there? Harry Potter is super awesome. That is a fact, therefore this necklace is awesome.  Click HERE for the Etsy Store. Roxanne from DollarJewelry is the Esty store owner and creator of this awesome necklace.
The Giving Tree iPhone Case:
Is this not adorable? Because this case is totally adorable! Now I want an iPhone, so I can have this case. All you iPhone owners out there, I am jealous of YOU! Click HERE for the Etsy Store. Smartor Huang from SweetHeartEveryone is the Etsy store owner and creator of this too-adorable-for-words iPhone case.

 Jedi Bracelet:
I love dorky things! I also love the Star Wars movies so this bracelet is awesome (there's no other words to describe it). Click HERE for the Etsy Store. Annie from SpiffingJewelry is the Etsy store owner and creator of this spiffy bracelet.
HP: Snape's Patronus Necklace:
The last HP movie was definitely the best, but sad because it is the last movie ever. It also made me like Snape. Click HERE for Etsy Store.  Annie from SpiffingJewelry is the Etsy store owner and creator of this Harry Potter awesomeness.
Awesome Bookmark:
This bookmark is super cute as well as affordable. I have a lot of bookmarks, but they are all made of paper and after a while they eventually get bent and worn down, but this bookmark doesn't look like it does that. Click HERE for the Etsy Store.  Sian from StageAppealCrafts is the Etsy store owner and creator of these cool bookmarks.
Wrap Up With A Good Book Scarf:
Gahhh. People are so creative! Look at this scarf! If you have one of those days where you have nothing good to wear, you can always put on this scarf and people won't notice your awful outfit at all because they will be too busy reading the words on your fancy scarf. Click HERE for the Etsy Store. Tori from Storiarts is the Etsy store owner and creator of this super cool scarf. 
All of these items would definitely be awesome gifts for book lovers. I think I know what I want to ask Santa for Christmas this year :P

What bookish goodies do you think are cool? I love to see a picture of the product(s).

Disclaimer: I have never brought from these stores listed here, so I do not know if the quality of the product is good or not. The purpose of this post is just to share some cool things I saw from Etsy. This post is not sponsored or anything. Everything said in this post are just my opinions.


  1. I love etsy! Those are some cute items - and I would love to have a Mockingjay pin. Thanks for stopping by my review of Hourglass.

    1. I love Etsy as well. Thank you for checking out our blog :)

      -Jenny@YA Novelties

  2. Ohhh ... I love Etsy too, especially when we're talking bookish goodies!
    BTW I've had a *Bookish Etsy* feature this summer and seeing how you asked for pictures, here's the link to my feature page:
    Feel free to stop by and look around!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I love the lettershop necklaces, so cute :)

      -Jenny@YA Novelties


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