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Review: The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan

The Demigod Diaries (Heroes of Olympus #2.5)
By Rick Riordan
Published: August 14, 2012
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
Hardcover, 242 pages

What dangers do runaway demigods Luke and Thalia face on their way to Camp Half-Blood? Are Percy and Annabeth up to the task of rescuing stolen goods from a fire-breathing giant who doesn't take kindly to intruders? How exactly are Leo, Piper, and Jason supposed to find a runaway table, dodge a band of party-loving Maenads" ("who just might be a little psychotic), and stave off a massive explosion...all in one hour or less?

With his trademark wit and creativity, Rick Riordan answers these questions and more in three never-before-seen short stories that provide vital back-story to the Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson books. Original art, enlightening character interviews and profiles, puzzles, and a quiz add to the fun in this action-packed collection. --

3.5 Stars

Note: I am not going to review the "original art, enlightening character interviews and profiles, puzzles and a quiz."  

Now, I shall begin my rant on what could have been the salvation for my dying obsession with this series, but ended up to be a ridiculously awkward round trip back home full of disappointment. I'll give a basic rundown of the whole book and my feelings of these four short stories.

"The Diary of Luke Castellan": Rick Riordan begins The Demigod Diaries with the story of Luke, Thalia and Annabeth's first meeting. Didn't we already hear of this? Of course we have, but this story goes further back and explains everything that lead up to the fated meeting between the three. I cannot deny that it was intuitive to finally take a peek at the dastardly Luke Castellan's mind, but there doesn't seem to be a purpose to this. This book is supposed to help readers to have a better grasp of what is to come in the next books in the series; however, this book just seemed to be a filler. Otherwise, it was a nice, refreshing action-packed adventure that is typical of Rick Riordan.

"Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes": Oh Percy, how much I have missed your first person narratives. Basically, this is a classic Percy Jackson and the Olympians story with Percy talking, Annabeth thinking and Greek mythology going gaga for humor and ridiculousness. This time, Percy and Annabeth are fighting a giant with an obsession with the counterfeit luxury items so famous in NYC for Hermes' staff (no duh...) As awkward as this was, I really loved revisiting the old times prior to the whole The Heroes of Olympus blah. Let's just say, the old times were the best and will be forever more.

"Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford": As probably on the of the biggest fans of Leo Valdez, I can guarantee that this was the most refreshing story of them all. There was the hilarious mixed with the serious and not to mention, the bizarre. The bizarre being Mr. D of course. After missing him for two books, I was glad to see him make an indirect appearance in this book, albeit it being kind of short and over the top. Jason and Piper are still the same dull worriers as they were in The Lost Hero, so I don't expect much change when the time comes for The Mark of Athena, but at least they keep Leo from creating total mayhem, like he almost does in this story.

P.S. Buford is a walking table.

"Son of Magic": Rick Riordan's son, Haley, has created an accurate portrayal of the demigods in the world created for him by his father in this story. Compared to the other short stories, this one felt the most compelling and had me really pumped up for what is to come in The Mark of Athena.  This story offers up an explanation of Mist and the fate of the demigods who sided with Kronos in the Great Titan War. Although this lacked the humor and childish qualities of his father's writing, Haley has managed to create a vivid story full of betrayal, bitterness and love.

Overall, The Demigod Diaries was a decent filler book to keep my hunger for The Mark of Athena  satisfied for a short time. There were a few shaky moments in each of the stories, but each one managed to hold on its own nicely. I will not say that it met my expectations, but it was still an enjoyable pleasure read that will surely keep readers excited for what is to come.

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