Monday, September 24, 2012

Interview: Debbie Davies, Author of Any Love but Mine

Yup! This time we have the fantastic Debbie Davies here to answer our questions about her book, Any Love but Mine, and her writing life.

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YA N:When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

 From a really young age actually. I started creating picture books with one of my friends when we were in primary school and then I progressed to writing poetry in secondary school and it all grew from there!

YA N:Where do you get your information or ideas for your books? 

The idea for Any Love But Mine came from Greek mythology. I have a lot of books about greek mythology which I used as my main reference texts for the story and then a lot of the emotions and relationships were inspired through music. I look at parts of the book and I can tell what I was listening to when I wrote it.

YA N:What do you think makes a good story? 

I think the writer needs to know the story and needs to have a clear direction for where the story is going and where it should end. Otherwise the writing will become confusing and the readers won't connect with the words. I also think the characters need to be well developed so readers can form relationships with them. If readers don't care about the characters they won't care about what happens to them.

YA N:What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

How hard it is to write a story, how wrapped up in the story you can be and how much you end up loving the characters you create. I have had countless conversations with my friends who have read the story about the lives of the characters as if they are real people!

YA N:What do you have in store for the future in writing? (*hint, hint for Any Love but Mine*) 

The sequel to Any Love But Mine is well under way. In addition to the sequel I plan on writing a prequel of sorts which tells the story of Eros and also a side novel telling Allana's story.

YA N: Whoot! Whoot! Totally cannot wait!! So, who is your favorite character in Any Love but Mine and why?

I love them all (with maybe a couple of exceptions) for different reasons. I love Acacia's bravery in going for the things in life she wants. I love Allana's strength that she shows through carrying on with her life after all she has been through and I love Amora for being completely evil.

YA N:Would you like to tell our readers anything else?

I'd like to thank everyone of them that has read Any Love But Mine and also I suggest everyone who loves reading joins a site like I have found so many amazing books through this site that I otherwise would never have heard of! And finally as they say in Cinderella "whatever you wish for will come true" so keep wishing!

Thank you Debbie Davies for coming out and answering our questions. We are totally in agreement with the Goodreads thing, so come check out Debbie's Goodreads page, right here!

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  1. Great interview, and giveaway! You've asked some interesting questions.
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