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Review and Giveaway: Any Love but Mine by Debbie Davies

Any Love but Mine (The Erosians #1)
By Debbie Davies
Published: March 3, 2012
eBook, 285 pages

Look but don't touch has never been more true.

The gods forbade her to love, but love is a powerful force. Acacia has been created purely for Eros' pleasure but discovers within moments of being summoned into his presence that he has no interest in her whatsoever. Rejected, she is banished to Earth to serve as Eros' minion with the task of promoting the blissful state of love among all those around her, a state she must never indulge in with a human being herself on pain of immediate destruction. And then comes Josh, someone whose power of attraction over Acacia is so intense she will find it utterly impossible to resist him. But is he human? Is he a god? Or is he a trick of the gods? And what would happen should they kiss?

3.5 Stars

Another Greek mythology soap opera is what someone expect from a title and a blurb like this. The whole thing about love, except "mine" and the mystery about Josh is the total melodramatic-ness that is expected from a book like this. Unfortunately for you soap opera lovers, Any Love but Mine is a charming romance that totally has you renouncing any questions that you had prior to reading the book, like me.

The book begins with Acacia and her tragic life. Rejected by Eros, thrown away like dirt, yet still under Eros' control, Acacia is living a hard life as an outsider at the school she is attending. She detests, but accepts her fate as a rejected lover of Eros until she discovers that she cannot fight her attraction to Josh. Acacia's journey to break free of the life she was forced upon and discover true love is an unpredictable roller coaster that is full of thrills and relatable emotions.
I know that none of you readers can't really relate to the idea that you can't love someone because you're a slave of someone. But Acacia was a character who was pretty accessible when it came to her yearning for freedom and experience love. Acacia just had pure, raw emotion when it came to loving Josh, which I found really special. Although their love was kind of insta-love, I really enjoyed cheering Acacia on with her relationship with Josh because one, Josh is a total sweetheart and two, Eros is a bipolar possessive a-hole. 

My only really major complaint of Any Love but Mine was its totally random plot at the end. For some reason, another love interest is added in the story for Acacia. I have nothing against love triangles (usually), but this whole new guy felt out of place. After all, I really fell for Acacia and Josh together, and seeing Acacia falling for another guy just because Josh wasn't around made me question whether Acacia ever actually loved Josh. Maybe I'm just too hooked on Acacia+Josh.

There is just some magic about Any Love but Mine that will have you cheering on Acacia and everyone else. Even the characters who don't receive much screen time (book time?) have conflicting emotions that couldn't make me hate them, which is really rare considering that I usually hate everyone (It's actually true).
Anyway, Any Love but Mine is a refreshing take on the true meaning of love and the power of love that will totally rock your world of fantasy and paranormal.

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