Friday, March 1, 2013

Cover Reveal: The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead

The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines #4)
By Richelle Mead
Release Date: November 19, 2013
Publisher: Razorbill

In The Indigo Spell, Sydney was torn between the Alchemist way of life and what her heart and gut were telling her to do. And in one breathtaking moment that Richelle Mead fans will never forget, she made a decision that shocked even her. . . .

But the struggle isn't over for Sydney. As she navigates the aftermath of her life-changing decision, she still finds herself pulled in too many directions at once. Her sister Zoe has arrived, and while Sydney longs to grow closer to her, there's still so much she must keep secret. Working with Marcus has changed the way she views the Alchemists, and Sydney must tread a careful path as she harnesses her profound magical ability to undermine the way of life she was raised to defend. Consumed by passion and vengeance, Sydney struggles to keep her secret life under wraps as the threat of exposure—and re-education—looms larger than ever.

Pulses will race throughout this thrilling fourth installment in the New York Times bestselling Bloodlines series, where no secret is safe.

My Thoughts: Well... if you haven't already seen this... CONGRATULATIONS!!! Anyway, I haven't read The Indigo Spell yet sadly, so I don't know about how the blurb of The Fiery Heart is. Well, at least it seems like the answer of who Marcus Finch has (if you haven't noticed the number of blogs participating in that... well... uh...) already been determined. Honestly, this cover isn't exactly one of my faves. I'm not sure whether this cover is trying to make a statement with an edgier cover and glare that the model is doing. All of the other covers of the previous books are way more polished and the models blend easily in with the fancy golden loops, but this one is just BAM! The color sticks with you, and that's about it. I guess that the fact that the cover is supposed to represent fire is the reason why the cover is in this condition, but seriously! At least have the models not look so blatantly out of place here. 


  1. I love this cover simply because its for The Fiery Heart and I can't wait to read it. But I agree with pretty much everything you said. It's not as polished as the other covers, but didn't they release an unfinished cover of The Indigo Spell before they released the final version? Maybe that's what they're doing here? I don't know, but it sort of seems like the unkemptness of the Sydney model is a statement about the changes she's gone through in the last book. I'm pretty sure whether this is an unfinished version or the final cover, that they'll end up changing it before release day in November. It just doesn't looks finished to me.

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

    1. Oh really? I didn't know The Indigo Spell had an unfinished cover released first! Yes!!! *Fingers crossed that it's the same for this one too*

      November is too far away.... *tear*


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