Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas for (Bookish) People

If you celebrate any holidays this month or if you need a gift for someone who has a birthday coming up this month or next, this post will hopefully help you! Sorry in advance international folks! Most of the links for the ideas are US only, but hopefully the ideas will still help you guys!

Gifts for Pollyanna(aka Secret Santa) / Stocking Stuffers / Small Gifts for Acquaintances:

-Candles: Candles are awesome! If you live in the US, Bath and Body Works has some awesome deals going on with mini candles with all of their holiday scents. Also candle sleeves are super cute!
Click HERE for link.

-PocketBac: These are amazing!!! No joke, I LOVE getting these. Mini hand sanitizers are perfect for your purse, backpack, or just randomly in your car. You never know when you might need to clean your hands! Also PocketBac holders, they have really cute ones for the holidays. Example a penguin one :)
Click HERE for link!

-Lip Balm: Any lip balms or chapsticks! EOS is one of the best lip balms! They currently have an Alice in Wonderland set!
Click HERE for link!

(I just realized if I have pictures for every single idea I will have a reallly long post, so I for the rest I'm just going to list the idea!)

-Candy: Who doesn't love candy? Speaking of candy, Chocomize is such a cool site! You can design your own chocolate bar! Perfect for your chocolate obsessed friends and/or family!
Click HERE for link!

-Nail Polish Sets: Great stocking stuffer and/or general gift!
Click HERE for link.

Book Sets and Other Book Things:
- Sarah Dessen Sets (for contemporary lovers):
This one comes with a key necklace as well! :)
Click HERE for link.

Click HERE for other Sarah Dessen sets. I personally have this set and I love it!

-Pretty Little Liars Set: If you know someone who loves PLL you can either get them a book set or a season of PLL. 
Click HERE for book set.
Click HERE for season of PLL.

-Hunger Games Set: The Hunger Games is a trending movie/ book, so this is a great gift for a lot of people! 
Click HERE for link for movie.
Click HERE for link to books.

-The Mortal Instruments Set: So who else is excited for this movie? I know I'm excited for this movie! 
Click HERE for book set link.

-There are tons of book sets or TV show seasons out there you guys can get. Friends is a great show! If you have never heard of Friends you should watch a few episodes!

-Reading Lamp: Reading lamps are currently on my holiday list! 
Click HERE for link.

(Larger sized) Gifts:

- Nook or Kindle: For anyone who loves books this is a perfect gift! (well maybe not everyone. Some people like the feel of actual books better, so keep that in mind while gift shopping.) If the person who you are shopping for is eco-friendly this is a great gift for them! :) 
Click HERE for B&N link to buy Nook.
Click HERE for Amazon link to buy Kindle.

-Kindle Sleeves or Nook Sleeves: If the person already has a Kindle or a Nook then get them a sleeve! :)
Click HERE for link for Kindle sleeve.
Click HERE for link for Nook sleeve.

- iPods or any other Apple products: Apple products in my opinion are just generally amazing. If you order online I believe you can get a customized message on the back of the iPod! 
Click HERE for link.  

Maybe I should've posted this earlier, since I know many of you have already started to shop. Oh well, anyway these are just some ideas of what you can get people!


  1. Ah, awesome post ;) Lots of great gift ideas. <3 thank you for sharing :D I have that EOS set. <3 I love EOS lip balms :D My favorite is the Sweet Mint ;p

    Thank you for commenting on my review of Scarlet. <3
    Love, Carina

    1. Thank you for checking out our post! ahh I'm so jealous that you have the EOS set!! :)



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