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Interview and Giveaway: Jillian Dodd, Author of That Boy Series


Hey guys! Guess what? YA Novelties is here with Jillian Dodd, the awesome author of that awesome book, That Boy! (sequel, That Wedding)

Check out the REVIEW of That Boy HERE

Hope you all enjoy the (awesome)  interview below!


YaN: Tell us about yourself. What were you like as a child? Were you big on reading?

Jillian: I grew up on a farm in the country and loved to read. Reading has always been a form of escape for me. I'm able to live out my dreams by reading a good book. I can be a spy, travel the world, go on an adventure, without ever leaving home.

YaN: Did you always wanted to be a writer?  

Jillian:  Honestly, no. Growing up, I wanted to be a spy. My cousin and I even wrote letters to each other in code, in case they fell into the wrong hands! I've always been creative and made up stories, but I tended to daydream about them or act them out. Even now when I write, I see what's going on as a movie in my head. In college, I majored in Textiles, Clothing, and Design. I love to paint, draw, doodle, really anything messy related to art, I enjoy. My previous career involved retail and buying anything from clothes to pots and pans. I started writing when my husband's career progressed enough that I was able to quit work and stay home with them. I had some dreams that became scenes in That Boy and that's how I started writing. I wanted to know the rest of the character's stories. 

YaN: I always find questions like these to be really hard to answer, but we love to know, what is your favorite book? Who is your favorite author?

Jillian:  I think my favorite authors have changed over the years. Growing up, I loved Nancy Drew and totally wanted to marry someone just like Ned. I read a lot of thrillers and spy books. Love James Rollins, Brad Thor, David Balducci. I also love romance and YA. The Gossip Girl series. Anything by Tammara Webber, but I loved Easy. I devour anything by Abbi Glines. In contemporary romance, I think the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella is hilarious, and I adore her book, Can You Keep a Secret. But my favorite series of all time are the spy books by Aline Griffith, Countess of Romanones. She was a real spy and married a real count. Pretty cool.

YaN: Do you have a favorite book-made-into-a-movie movie?  

Jillian:  Probably would have to be Harry Potter movies. I adore the Gossip Girl book series and although the television version is way different, it is a guilty pleasure to watch.

YaN: If you could have dinner with anyone (deceased or living), who would you want to dine with?  

Jillian:  Honestly, I'd go with my family.

YaN: Tell us about your book- Twitter-style! (140 characters or less)

Jillian:  A romance about falling in love with the boy next door.

YaN: I found That Boy to be extremely relatable and so spot on for life. Reading it was amazing; it was like watching one of those home videos of a person growing up. Is That Boy based off of anyone or anything? 

 Jillian:  I think whenever I write a book, I take some of my personal experiences, people I know, dreams, and imagination, throw it all together, mix it up and come up with a story.  There are some experiences that Jadyn and I have in common. I grew up in a small town like Westown. I did walk beans for half a day. I did have a guy that I used to talk to before I went to sleep who was just a friend. I graduated from the same University, was in a sorority, and married a guy like Phillip. There are people in my life who have personalities similar to Phillip, Danny, and Lori, but I do that so that I can understand the way my characters think. The way they might react in situations. But no, unfortunately, I did not grow up next to two cute boys. Like most girls, that was my dream.

YaN: If you weren't the author of That Boy and you were reading this book, who would you root for to be That Boy, Danny or Phillip? I am Team Danny, but I love Phillip just as much!  

Jillian:  Well, I married a guy like Phillip. But I'd love hanging out with Danny, and I'm sure we'd manage to get into trouble together.

YaN: Thank you so much for letting me interview you! Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?  

Jillian:  That Baby will be out sometime next year. I have a new series starting this September. It's called The Keatyn Chronicles. The first book is Stalk me. It's a planned six book series. Stalk me. Kiss me. (Dec. 2012) Date me. Love me. Hate me. Come and get me. There are some new dreamy boys that I think readers will enjoy.

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  1. I love Jillian and her awesome books. I can't wait wait for the next book and see what is in store for JJ and Phillip.

    1. I love Jillian and her books tooo!!! That Wedding is on my to read list! :)

      -Jenny@YA Novelties


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