Sunday, February 16, 2014

We're Back!

So we've been kind of slacking on the blog, as you most likely know. We offer no excuses whatsoever because honestly, we've been sort of lazy. Then again, my fellow blogmates will force me to list excuses, so here they are:

1. Junior Year of High School -- Self explanatory, isn't it? 

2. Break from YA book world -- We love reading, but during these past months there hasn't really been a book that has won our hearts. 

  3. Our parents are torturing us with the college/career lectures.
Perhaps not to this extent...

4. Angie (me) watches too many Korean dramas -- The pretty people are too pretty.

5. Rosie has found a new mochi and real chocopies. 

  6. Jenny is sick. She's sort of like this...

  7. ~M's life is frightening. Too frightening to even start describing....

However, we now plan to update more often! We probably won't update as frequently as we used to, but hey it's better than never, right? Riiiiight?


Hey there! Rosie speaking. Just wanted to let you all know that we've decided to tweak the blog a little bit. In the past, we were heavily focused on Waiting on Wednesdays / Giveaways / Bookish Goodies and basically a bunch of stuff that wasn't really about READING A GOSHDARN BOOK. So we took a step back (our huge "break" that ended up being practically a year) and just stopped blogging for a while. We realized that the most respectable thing about a really good book blog isn't the number of giveaways, friends, authors requesting us to review books, or even the amount of people that visit our site. 

We decided that we were going to become an honest-to-goodness book blog. One solely focused on sharing our opinions on the books that we love to read. That's why we chose to stop doing weekly/daily "Givaway" this or "WoW" that. It just became too much for us to handle, and, well, you see where that led us? We planning on taking things slowly, really just enjoying the process of reading/ranting/reviewing. We hope you all understand! I'm not saying we'll NEVER EVER do a giveaway or WoW EVER AGAIN EVER. It's just that we think a true book blog should build a community basked on our love for reading books, not to gain more viewers by attracting giveaway-stalkers.

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