Thursday, February 21, 2013

YAN Banner Tribute!

Just wanted to show you guys the latest banner I've designed! Here it is:
Images used to create this badge were found on Google Images and were labeled "free." This banner was created by YA Novelties, and it is our property. Please do not use this image for your own purpose without our permission. Thanks!

Soooo, instead of writing a suuuuper long review like I usually do, I decided to show you guys our new banner! I'll be replacing our old green "tea banner" as I like to call it, with our new and improved bamboo version! As you can see, our website theme is bamboo. As loyal panda lovers, we find it is our duty to respect the creature and its food source by stamping them on our site like there's no tomorrow! I think I'll replace the old banner in the sidebar with the new one sometime soon.

Now, as a tribute to the old banner before it gets taken down as well as other replaced models:

Super old one. First one I created, actually. It wasn't so great...

This was after I discovered transparent backgrounds! It's still quite full of colors, busy, and, in general, quite horrible.

I think this one's a keeper. Try not to YAWN at our YAN. Ha ha. I know, it's quite boring, but it does its job.

Hey, our old one! Good bye, old banner. Goodness, my centering is waaay off and the colors don't work together at all....

Hopefully any new banners will be even greater and more attractive! Bear with me folks as I teach myself Photoshop. Well, I hope this applies to our website design as well as our banners as stuff. Actually, I was thinking of redesigning our name banners to something simpler, and more uniform. I feel like the current ones are really busy.

If you're interested in seeing the name banners:

BTW- I ordered them by date of creation, oldest to newest.

They will forever reside in my heart, for they took me about 3-4 months to complete. ( I kept on getting distracted with other things.) My favorite has to be Angie's. I'm jealous of her panda. I love my tiger, though. Hers [Angie's] was the original design I based everyone else's off of. The new design I was thinking of creating was to have the name of the person resting on top of a piece of bamboo, like it was carved into it. It's going to be interesting!

See you guys next time & hopefully by then I'll have finished some reviews,



  1. Ooh! Pretty! I love the old banners too, but the new one is really cute. And I like the idea of the names being on the bamboo. Learning photoshop can be pretty hard, and I even had a required class on it in college. So time consuming, but fun when you see the completed work :)

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

    1. Ahh, I agree with you! Photoshop is so overwhelming at first, but once you know what you want to do, it's not so bad! I'm a perfectionist so I probably make it a lot harder on myself than it actually should be....



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